He Can’t Sink You

Hi, everyone! It’s been a really long while.😁 Well, my absence was necessitated by school work. I had to really disengage from lots of things so I could focus. But you know what? I AM BACK!😂😂

Well lots of things happened during the course of my absence. To God be the glory, I finished first year few months ago, with a nice CGPA(cumulative grade point average). As I type, the post I did months ago, expressing my fears and anxieties, comes to my mind. I guess I’m safe to conclude that fear is indeed a bastard! 😡 It wasn’t easy overcoming most of my fears. There were times it felt like fear had its talon stuck in my throat, there were also times I was down with severe bouts of depression but through it all, God was there for me.🤗

I’ll be sharing lots of my experiences in school with y’all in my subsequent posts. I had quite an adventure, I must say.😂😂

I’ll be resuming my second year in few weeks’ time. I am honestly trusting in God for strength. Studying medicine in a federal university in Nigeria is quite tasking but then, His Grace Is Sufficient For Me (and you).😄

Okay, back to what I really intended to post.

Few Sundays ago, the pastor preached on ‘Jesus’ dominion, power and miracles’. The text was taken from the book of Matthew 8:22-25. There you have the story of the storm faced by Jesus and his disciples and how Jesus took control of the situation.

Well, as I read that passage of the bible, something struck me. Jesus was on the boat, yet they faced a storm. The presence of Jesus did not stop the storm from raging. His presence calmed the storm instead, his presence prevented the ship He and his disciples were in, from sinking.

I don’t know if you understand what I’m driving at. Being a christian doesn’t mean you’re exempted from life’s challenges. The challenges will come in different forms and shapes, the storm will rage fiercely. But we have the assurance that when these challenges rise, they won’t consume us but rather, we’d overcome them.

The devil can only try, he’ll cause storms of challenges to rise against us, he’ll cause winds of destruction to blow in our path so that our progress might be obstructed. But you know what, you have no cause to be scared. Once you’re on God’s side, you’re safe and secure.

Remember, the devil can only try but he can’t sink you!

I hope my post encourages someone out there.

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Author: Niyif💕

A product of God's unrivalled creativity.

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