School Tales

Hello everyone! It’s been a very long time. The last time I posted a writeup was December last year. School has made me quite busy to the extent that 24 hours is no longer enough for me. I wish time was buyable. 

I wouldn’t have made this post if not for what happened today. I had left my hostel for the lecture room, but somehow I got there some minutes late, so I had to sit at the back. As a result of sitting at the back, I could barely hear a word. Before I knew it, I started dozing. In a bid to kee myself awake, I brought out my  phone, switched my data connection on, and logged in to WordPress. I discovered that it’s been a long time since I last posted anything, despite having so many stories in my head(Blame laziness). 

I resumed the second week of January. The whole place looked strange. “I’ll definitely get lost in here,” I told myself. The school’s environment is so large and everywhere is looking identical. It was difficult finding my way around the school for the first two weeks. As time went by, I became familiar with the school environment. Right now, I can find my way around with my eyes closed.(lol)

A lot has happened since I resumed. It took a while before I got accustomed with the system here. Having finished from a high school where we were just 15 of us in a class, I was shocked and felt frustrated to see crowds everywhere. The lecture rooms can adequately accommodate about 500 students, but about a thousand of us are in there. I had to result to waking up early so I can get a place to sit. If I fail to get to class early enough, I’ll have to risk standing throughout the lecture or sitting on the cold, uncomfortable floor. There was a time I got to class around 7am for a class billed to start by 8am. I had to result to sitting on the floor as all the seats were occupied by humans and bags. Yes, bags sit too. Most of the people who get there early enough, keep seats for their friends who are probably still snoring on their beds.

The crowd can be frustrating atimes. I actually feel for those living off campus,i.e outside school. The hustle to get cabs or buses is a serious one because of fuel scarcity. There was a time I happened to be at the school park. You need to see the way students were chasing vehicles. Some had to climb into the buses through the window, some sat in the boot. It now looked like the survival of the fittest.

After GNS class today, I attended a physics class. People were struggling to get inside so they can get a place to sit. The queen I was, couldn’t join in all of the struggle. I waited patiently for them to enter and as a result, I couldn’t get any seat, so I sat on the floor in the front. The lecturer came in and began to teach. Believe me when I say, apart from the topic, I can’t remember any other thing about the class. The lecturer wrote a lot of stuffs on the board but I couldn’t see. My sight is so poor(I’ll make a post on this later). So, I brought out my phone and surfed the net. When the class ended, I snapped some of the notes jotted down by some people. 

As a medical student in the making, the pressure is on me to come out with good grades. If there’s anything that drives me at all, it has to be the thought of not letting my parents down. They’ve made lots of sacrifices for me and it’ll be so devastating if I had to be withdrawn due to bad grades.

I believe God brought me this far, and he won’t just bring me this far only for me to fail. So many times I’ve been overwhelmed by the workload. I’ve had to battle very low self-esteem. My prayer every morning has been, “God, your strength is what I need. This is definitely bigger than me but I trust in your strength to see me through.”

I have lots of stories to share. I do hope my posts will be more frequent.

Thank you for reading. I hope I didn’t bore you? Let me know if I did.


Author: Niyif💕

A product of God's unrivalled creativity.

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