I had gone out with my younger sister some years ago. We went to visit an aunt of ours. At her house, we played, gisted and ate. After a while, I started feeling wetness in my pants. You guessed right! It was my period. It was so sudden. I became worried about being stained. I had made no preparation. I didn’t tell anyone. I signaled to my sister and told her it was time to go home. All the while, I kept praying my dress won’t get stained. We flagged down a bike and boarded it. All that was on my mind was how to get home. The bike man stopped at the junction of the street leading to my house. I told him to go down the street but he refused. He said I told him to stop at the junction and that’s where he had stopped. I got down from the bike quickly. I was so apprehensive that I forgot to hand him the fare. He called me and I sent my sister to give him the money.

Unknowing to me, my dress was already stained. A woman came from no where and dragged me across the road. Why was she dragging me, I wondered. She took me into a house and handed me a wrapper. It then dawned on me that my dress was stained. Oh God! How many people saw the stain. I was so shocked. I thanked the woman and went home. When we got home, I gave the wrapper to my sister. She then returned it to the woman.

I was so embarrassed that day. That night, while on the bed, I kept wondering about the number of people that saw the stain. I blamed myself for not speaking to my aunt about it. If that woman had not come come to my aid, I’d have walked down the street like that.

That night, I resolved to always be prepared. I made sure there are pads and spare pants in all my handbags. I can’t allow that day to repeat itself, I can’t.


Author: Niyif💕

A product of God's unrivalled creativity.

5 thoughts on “Embarrassing”

  1. 😂😂
    Mine was not as embarrassing as yours, I was at home and my mum sent me to get something in the kitchen which I did. On returning she asked if I sat down on water or on a dirty chair, I said no.
    She took me into the room, and asked if they have taught me about menstruation at school, I said yes, but I was just in JS1
    She asked me to pull down my pants and checked to be more certain, seeing the stain. I had to change and Heath education started.

    I love being a woman
    Keep writing dear 💕

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