Life as a pastor’s daughter.

My father is a pastor. Hmm. Life as a pastor’s daughter is exciting and also annoying. I’ll be sharing few things about my life as a pastor’s kid.

1. I have never missed a Sunday service. You’re surprised? Even if I were sick, daddy would still carry me to church. 

2. I attend lots of programmes, seminars, retreats. Dad says it’ll help me grow spiritually. I know, right? But sometimes, it can be really annoying. 

3. I can’t wear just any kind of dress. Mum(bless her!) will make sure she scrutinize my dressing before I leave the house. “You can’t wear that. It’s too short,” she would say. What about shopping for clothes? Lol. I go with my mum to shop for my clothes simply because she knows how to haggle(you know Nigerian mums, lol). And when we get there, she’ll make sure she announces to the hearing of everybody that I’m a pastor’s daughter. “You can’t choose that dress. YOU’RE A PASTOR’S DAUGHTER”.  

4. You expected to be polite and courteous everywhere you find yourself. Even if you’re slapped, the code of conduct of pastors’ kids demands that you do not retaliate but rather reply with ” Bless you”. Lol

5. No makeup! Makeup is banned in our house. Yes, I don’t use makeup. I don’t even know to to apply it.

6. Trousers are banned. I’ve never worn trousers before.

7. Fasting and prayer is compulsory. 

8. We’re the first to get to church and the last to leave. It still happened this last Sunday. The church service ended by 12pm. We got home around 2pm. 

9. We’ve gone to church despite the fact that it was rainning heavily. Even if the whole area was flooded, we’ll still go to church.

10. You can’t just keep any friends. Your friends must be thoroughly scrutinized and approved by dad and mum.

11. Parties are forbidden. You’re only allowed to go to ‘parties’ if dad and mum approve of it.

12. My ear isn’t pierced. 

13. Attachments, weaveons are frowned upon.

14. Family devotion is a must.

15. Christian movies (mount Zion, Evom) are very plenty in our house.

16. I was taught to pay tithe from every money given to me.

On and on the list goes. Life as a pastor’s kid is exciting and annoying. There’s that special treatment given to you.(lol)  Whenever dad goes to functions, he’s usually given big ‘cooler’ of rice, as per pastor(lol). My sister and I are the devourers. 

It’s a privilege to be a pastor’s daughter. I’m glad I’m one. If your daddy is not a pastor, you’re missing a lot. (Lol)


Author: Niyif💕

A product of God's unrivalled creativity.

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