You don’t have to!

Yay! It feels like it’s been a decade since I last posted anything here. I’ve got lots of stuffs to write about but then, sometimes I feel utterly lazy. Sometimes, the words are in my head but writing them down seems difficult. I’m still trying to improve my writing. I’m not satisfied with the way I write yet. And the key to improving is PRACTICE! And that’s why I’m back here. Lol

Okay. So, the title of my write seems so direct, right? I know. I guess you’re all wondering what you don’t have to do. You don’t have to put other people down so you can feel good about yourself. I’m guilty of this. The need to make others inferior so that you can look good is an attitude we need to put an end to. Let me expantiate.

That man has a magnificent mansion. In fact, his mansion is not only magnificent, it’s also very beautiful. The kind you can pray and fast for seventy days for. He also has cars. Not cars like Toyota Camry or Corolla, but cars like hummer, Rolls Royce etc. And he doesn’t just have one or two, he has like ten, twelve. And then you look at the cars, and you notice that selling everything you own won’t be enough to buy one of the cars. That feeling starts welling up in you. “He must be a ritualist.” “He’s a criminal.” “What work does he do?”  You start forming opinions. You start asking questions. Why? Because he’s richer than you. Because you feel so much intimidated by his wealth that well, you have to result to scorning him so you can at least ‘feel good’.

That sister has an angelic voice. Everyone knows. And deep down in you, you know too. Your own voice is average. No one praises you. You just sing and go. It’s like no one noticed you. But when sister comes on stage, there is excitement in the crowd. People clap and cheer her as she sings. That feeling from no where wells up in you. “What’s she singing sef?” “Is she the only one with the finest voice? Even my sisters voice is more melodious than hers” “See how crooked her teeth are.” “Her legs are like yams; so big they can feed my family for three months.” The innocent sister hasn’t done anything wrong. But because she’s better than you, you feel intimidated. You can’t take it, so you try to pull her down. Sounds familiar?

That girl is brilliant. Extremely brilliant. In fact, she’s a genius. Everybody respects her. All the teachers adore her. What you struggle to solve for hours, she’s done it within minutes. You’re an average student. You’re trying but your peformance stands nowhere near hers. She aces tests and exams effortlessly. Then one day, that feeling starts creeping in. “What does she know?” “Getting high grades in school  doesn’t mean one will be successful. Let’s wait till we get out to see who’s more successful” “She’s so proud.” She has done nothing wrong. She just happens to be very good.

All the boys in your area swoon over her. She’s very beautiful and voluptuous too. She’s got backside so large that Kim’s butts are so small when compared to hers. What about her boobs? They’re big and firm. She’s just perfect. Her smile? It can melt even diamond. You’re of average looks. You don’t get much attention from guys. Your butts are as flat as pancakes. Your boobs? They’re barely visible without that your padded bra. Everywhere you turn to, everyone talks about her. Then one day, you sit down to think. “Is she the only beautiful girl in town?” “In fact, she’s too proud.” “Maybe she did plastic surgery sef. Her boobs and butts don’t look natural” “Thank God. Doctors even said big breasted girls are at risk of cancer.” “When she grows up, all these will be baggage.”   Her wrongdoing? She’s more beautiful than you.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m as guilty of this as you are. I do it. But then, let’s reason. Why should we put others down, so we can feel good about ourselves?  We’re definitely going to meet people who are better than us by far. Should we get intimidated to the extent that we now have to result to scorning, despising and ridiculing them so we can save face?  It’s wrong and we need to stop it. Be happy for other people. Be happy for their successes. Remember that you’re also better than ‘some people’. How would you feel if they think of you in such a way? You wouldn’t like it right? So, stop it.

You don’t have to pull people down so you can feel good about yourself. You don’t have to!



Author: Niyif💕

A product of God's unrivalled creativity.

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