Pastors are also fallible

I was reading a post about this onetime famous man of God; Jimmy Swaggart. It was recorded that he was involved in a scandal. He had been visiting a prostitute at a brothel before the cat was let out of the bag. He later confessed to the astonishment of many. People were taken aback at his act. They couldn’t believe that a man who had publicly preached against sin, got himself involved in sin. His ministry went downhill as a lot of people pulled back. 

I learnt lessons from this incident. It shows that our pastors, evangelists, apostles, are as vulnerable as we are. Most times, we get carried away by the great works God is using these men to do. We see them as ‘small gods’. We see them as being ‘infallible’. The thing is, they are more open to the devil more than ever before. We need to pray and intercede for them on a regular basis. The devil isn’t happy with the works they’re doing. He will try to employ every known and unknown means to stop them. Therefore, our pastors NEED our prayers. 

‘Men of God’ are humans like us. They have feelings and emotions. They’re the targets of the enemy. If devil can’t get to them, he uses their families. That’s why we see children of ‘men of God’,  live a life that’s not pleasing to God. 

Pastors, evangelists, churchleaders, etc, all need our prayers. Let’s start praying for them and their families. Let us get on our knees and intercede for them. 

Remember a man of God today and pray for him. Your prayers will go a long way. 

God bless you.


Author: Niyif💕

A product of God's unrivalled creativity.

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