Embrace It! 

Everyone of us has one or more issues about our body which makes us feel insecure. But as for me, I have plenty (lol). 

I’ve always had low self esteem because of my body. Most times when I compare myself to other girls, I feel so inadequate and insecure. The standard for girls is an hour glass figure, complete with a large bosom and round and plumpy backside. Just imagine what’s it’s like if you aren’t up to the standard. You feel so self-conscious, like you don’t belong. You just feel bad.

The only things I think I like about myself are my voice, the way I talk and the fact I’m slender(even though I eat a lot, lol). I have very skinny legs; too skinny for my body shape. You know what’s funny? I don’t even hide them. My arms and legs are covered with spots(I think they call it ‘inaarun’)since I was a kid. These spots which are glaringly obvious have defied creams, soaps, lotions etc. When I see other girls’ shiny, smooth legs, I feel so self-conscious. I also hate the fact that I wasn’t blessed with big boobs and butts. I’ve had guys call me shapeless because of that.  I don’t like my nose too. It’s too big and wide for a girl. I hate my teeth too. It isn’t perfect; it’s crooked and filled with spaces(Picture an adult with a child’s teeth). 

I can go on ranting about my body and the things I hate about it but it won’t change anything, will it? All these glitches and imperfections make me, ME! Even though I don’t feel comfortable with most of them, I have no choice than to accept them.

Embrace your insecurities. It’s what makes you, YOU! Most times, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change or correct how you look like. You just have to accept it and be happy(even though it’s hard).

Accept yourself the way you are. Love yourself because no one else will do if you don’t.


Author: Niyif💕

A product of God's unrivalled creativity.

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