It’s worth it!

Searching through the scriptures, I found out that those who followed God had something in common;they all had wonderful endings. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Esther, Deborah, Elizabeth, Hannah, Samuel, David, Elijah, Paul etc, are all examples of people who lived an enviable life.
This present world is filled with so much filthiness, sin and wickedness. Following God has now become a hard task for us. The devil is bent on dragging all of us to hell. Living a life that’s Christlike is now very difficult.

What so many people are oblivious of is that following God is wonderful, exciting and rewarding too. 

The bible is filled with various examples of people who truly followed God with the whole of their hearts. Are there people who are willing to repeat the same? 

There is this common saying that ‘nothing good ever comes easy’. That saying still holds true. If you come by something which is supposedly of great quality and you didn’t pay much or you didn’t even pay for it, the quality of such a thing is dubious.

Following God comes with a price;a great price. But when we look beyond the price, seeing the rewards ahead, surely, the reward is worth the price.


Author: Niyif💕

A product of God's unrivalled creativity.

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